Hyde Park Pickleball Pop-up Pentathlon!  

Don’t miss your chance to shine at the
next pop-up on July 28th at 9:00 am.
This will be a team event. After sign-up closes, we will assign everyone to teams of four with a designated captain. We will attempt parity in the rosters. Each team will choose a different team member to represent them in four individual fundamental pickleball skills. 
Serve, return of serve, drop shot &
volley at the kitchen line
Additionally, the teams will choose 2 members to cross-court dink. The pentathlon will be scored and a tournament will follow with seeding based on pentathlon scores.
Sign-up is now open on the Pickleball calendarMaximum of 16 players. Be sure to click July 28 on the calendar. Come in your team colors and be ready to cheer your teammates on!!
We also need “referees” to volunteer. No pickleball knowledge is necessary to be a referee. If you can record scores, run a timer or squeeze a chicken, you are qualified.”


   Hyde Park


Our courts are open only to homeowners and their guests. 

Guests are allowed only when the homeowner is present.

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