Hyde Park Poker Rules and Regulations 

Chip Values:
White = 5 cents, Red = 10 cents, Green/Blue = 25 cents, Black = $1  
There is a 5-cent ante for all games. Dealer antes for the table.  
Poor Man's Poker or Depression Poker. Your initial $5 buy-in is the most you can lose. If all your chips are gone, you still are dealt poker hands. You cannot bet or raise, but you can stay to the end of the hand. If you win, you get your share of the pot, and you again have chips.  
Dealers choice. If you can explain it, you can deal it.  
25 cents is the maximum bet. There is a limit of 3 raises. You cannot check and then raise when it comes back to you: you may only fold or call the bet. For Texas Hold'em, Omaha/Pinapple (Tx Hold'm variants) and Tic Tac Toe, the first two bets are 10 cents and thereafter 20 cents, with the same 3 raise limit.  
In all cases, the cards speak for themselves.  
In all games, the Ace can be high or low. (AKQJ10 or A2345) Dealers choice.  
The perfect low is A2345. (straights and flushes do not count against a low hand)  
In split games, players can win both sides. (including using different cards from their hand for high and low)  
At the end of the session, chips will be refunded, rounding to the nearest 25 cents.  
Wait your turn. Do not bet or fold out of turn. (this affects the play of the hand.)  
Keep your face-up cards on the table.  
When you fold, turn all cards over and put them to the side.  
Try not to flash the cards when you deal.  
Have Fun 

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The Poker group meets on the first and third Thursday of month at 2 pm in the Clubhouse Dining Room.

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