It is recommended that you put in your contacts or caller ID the word GATE with the telephone number 539-265-8683. That way you will know when someone is calling from the gate.


Some of you will need special codes for caregivers, repeat vendors housekeepers, etc. Please contact one of the members of the Gate Response Team and codes can be issued for you to provide to them for specified periods of time that you determine.


The gate team will also be able to establish codes for special events you may be hosting.


FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and various couriers have been given codes as have emergency response agencies.


If you have questions or need assistance with special requests, please contact a member of the Gate Response Team:


Cathy Reynolds, 918-906-9059,

Doug McCann, 918-269-8015,

Tom Kraszkiewicz, 918-606-1371


Cathy Covington and Patty Colwell
They are the Board Contacts for the Gate.


Please be patient as this is a new system for everyone and as you can tell from the delayed activation, we have experienced technical challenges in merging systems. It has been tested many times now and we believe it is safe to launch.

Your current 4-digit code will also work on the Touch Screen. Type in your code and hit enter. You do not need the # sign. Your fob or remote control will also still open the gate. 

Visitors can look up your name at the Touch Screen located just outside the gate. When they find your last name and enter, it will call your phone. When you receive a call from the gate, you can speak to the arriving guest, then touch 9 on your phone and the gate will open.

Hyde Park Entry Gate 

The schedule for the entrance gate to be open will be
7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday
12 PM to 4 PM on Sunday.


On the Entrance Gate, there is a reader on the Guard Shack that reads your Pike Pass. Depending on how large and high your car, the reader reads tall cars just past the Touch Screen column or for a sedan it will read when you are closer to the Guard Shack. It is best to slow at the Touch Screen and slowly approach until the gate opens. 

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stop at the stop sign, the gate may suddenly close and hit your car.


Always assume another car has just left and the gate simply hasn't shut yet.


When you stop at the stop sign, you trigger the timer to allow you time to safely pass. SEVERAL VEHICLES have hit the gate in 2023. 


Hyde Park HOA is not responsible for damages caused by your failure to stop.


WARNING: The winter morning sun is blinding as you approach the exit gate. Just be extra cautious to stop and give the gate time to begin its new "stay open" cycle before continuing through. 

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Even if the exit gate is open, you still need to stop! If you don’t